July 6, 2004

It's Edwards, says AP

Yahoo! News - Kerry Picks Edwards to Be Running Mate

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry selected former rival John Edwards to be his running mate, telling supporters he couldn’t wait to see the freshman North Carolina senator going “toe-to-toe with Dick Cheney.”

We’ll find out for certain later today.

[Update: Should have checked my email. I have an email from Kerry to his supporters that he will indeed announce Edwards as his running mate. From that email: ‘In the next 120 days and in the administration that follows, John Edwards and I will be fighting for the America we love. We’ll be fighting to give the middle class a voice by providing good paying jobs and affordable health care. We’ll be fighting to make America energy independent. We’ll be fighting to build a strong military and lead strong alliances, so young Americans are never put in harm’s way because we insisted on going it alone.” Go get ‘em.]

Posted by James at July 6, 2004 10:01 AM
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Yes, he announced it as Edwards. It was a little bit weird not to see Edwards there with him, but you have to admire his respect shown to the also-rans by not having it obvious for so long before the announcement.

I'm guessing the rumors of his increased communication with folks like Gaphardt and Vilsack were an indication of his letting them down easy?

Posted by: James at July 6, 2004 10:46 AM

I couldn't be happier.

Well, I'd be happier if it was McCain, but I think this will work out just fine. I hope there's an Edwards vs. Cheney debate. If Cheney can take it. ;-)

Posted by: Julie at July 6, 2004 2:06 PM

I've read that the Bushies are already trying to use Kerry's overtures to McCain against him in an ad campaign. *sigh* I suppose it is to be expected.

As to the debate, I hope it will be a good one. But let's not forget, Cheney did pretty well against Lieberman last time around. Edwards will have his work cut out for him.

Posted by: briwei at July 6, 2004 2:44 PM

I'm sure I saw the Cheney/Lieberman debate, but I don't remember it at all. It probably wasn't as traumatic as the Gore/Bush debates.

Edwards is a successful lawyer and his skills are still fresh. He also has loads of charisma. Lieberman does not have those advantages, IMO. I don't know if Lieberman was ever a lawyer or not, but if he was, he hasn't done any lawyerin' in a long time. I also think he lacks charisma. (He's more charming than Cheney, but who isn't?)

So, I think Lieberman and Cheney were more evenly matched, in terms of debating skills. I have a feeling that Edwards can wipe the floor with Cheney and look like a nice guy while he's doing it.

Don't forget, John Edwards announced his candidacy on the Daily Show. I didn't take him seriously and I didn't even think he took himself seriously. Yet, somehow he made it to second place, even without the big endorsements that Dean had or Kerry's serious money. Obvioiusly, he has magic powers. He will make Cheney cry.

Posted by: Julie at July 6, 2004 3:05 PM

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