July 10, 2004

Flickr and Frogs

Pictured here is our pet frog Sam. Sam is a dwarf clawed frog. So is her roommate, Ella. (Yes, my kids named them Sam and Ella. Samantha and Cinderella.)

We're not positive of the gender yet, but we think they are females.

Pictured here, Sam is floating up to the surface for air. This type of frog spends nearly all of its time under water.

On an unrelated note, I'm posting this image via "Flickr", a site designed for sharing images. I'm not certain what niche Flickr fills yet, but it does have a lot of neat features. One is a live chat feature where you can toss images back and forth in the discussion. Often the staff that runs the website is on hand to help.

I use PBase (paid account) to host my large images on the web, because it's geared toward photography and because it is fast and has a lot of space. Do I need Flickr if I already have PBase? I'm not certain yet. If you have some experience with Flickr, or decide to play around with it, let me know and I'll add you to my "friends."

sam floats
Originally uploaded by drmomentum.
Posted by James at July 10, 2004 12:36 PM
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