July 12, 2004

Definitely Otherwise

Chuck posted about our fun visit on Saturday in “Unbecoming Levity :: Wise and Otherwise….”

We played a game “Wise and Otherwise” which he describes. In short, it’s like “Balderdash” and “Beyond Balderdash.” I was repeatedly impressed by my friends’ answers. Sometimes the most fun type of party games are the ones that are not focused on winning, or on moving pieces around a board, on building something or competing. Sometimes its best if the game just gives you occassion to make up silly junk and laugh a lot.

(Yes, I pulled out a win on Saturday, but having the game last a little longer is always more of a reward than winning was. The more “even” the players are in their scoring, the longer the game goes.)

Anyone know other games like that? Of course, “Once Upon A Time” is that sort of game as well, but since it’s not as structured you really need to be in a sharp, creative mood to come out with something good and have fun. What are some other games that let your creativity loose to produce laughs?

Posted by James at July 12, 2004 5:39 PM
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