July 14, 2004

Parker Family Values

Best blog post I read today, on Notes on the Atrocities:

This word “values” is an invention of the Christian conservatives, not a time-honored element of conservatism. It is coded language to communicate to a secret society about very specific agendas. It says “your way of life is threatened, and you must eliminate the enemy.” Call it the “just say no” agenda. Beginning with Reagan, this faction of the GOP decided that it was their business to enforce a code of conduct. Though they used the language of universalism, they were actually trying to make laws that legally excluded people and behavior, the latest example of which is this preposterous gay-marriage ban. In fact, if you were going to describe this value in a single word (and you were an uncharitable partisan like me), you might use the word “distrust.”

Notes on the Atrocities: Values

It’s got a little bit of Spider-Man 2 spoilerage in it, but it talks about liberals, “values,” liberal values and a the heart beneath the recent summer blockbuster. Makes me want to see the film again. If you haven’t seen the film, come back and read this poast after seeing it, ‘K?

Posted by James at July 14, 2004 11:09 PM
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