July 15, 2004

Sinner Nation

Continuing a previous story.

This time it’s the Republican Party of Texas, President Bush’s home state, which has approved a plank in its platform affirming that “the United States of America is a Christian nation.” […]

On Hannity & Colmes, Gallagher asserted that the plank was a simple statement of a numerical fact. “If a neighborhood had 82 percent of the population that was Italian or a town had 82 percent of the population that was Polish, we’d call those communities Italian or Polish towns. So why do liberals have such a knee-jerk reaction when anybody dares to suggest that with 82 percent of the population being Christian´┐Żwe are, in fact, a Christian nation?”

That from Cathy Young of Reason Online. (Article)

Clearly declaring the USA a “Christian Nation” is not about describing a numerical majority (as Ms. Young goes on to point out). If Texas Republicans are so hot to describe the country in terms of religion and majorities, why not also adopt a plank describing us as a “sinner nation?” After all, part of Christianity is recognizing that we are all sinners.

“Sinner nation.” Think it’ll catch on?

Posted by James at July 15, 2004 11:04 AM
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Sinner nation. It sounds so good!

It could be...

...a line of clothes.
...a line of food items.
...a band.
...a TV show.
...a whole new national identity, as first pitched.

I love it!

Posted by: Patti M. at July 15, 2004 2:14 PM

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