July 19, 2004

Base Anxiety Disorder

Bush was warned that many of those in the nation (especially in the northeast) don’t take to authoritarian moves.

In response, Bass said, Bush ”looked at me like I was crazy.” The president ignored the advice and actively supported a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage that was defeated in the Senate last week.


”There is this residual fear from 1992. . . . They have ‘base anxiety disorder,’ ” the adviser said.

The Bush campaign is not entirely writing off moderates and centrists: The Republican convention in New York next month is designed to feature some of the party’s most broadly appealing figures […]

So, in 2000 they just said they were compassionate and uniters (that was Karen Hughes’ plan). Once in office, we were hit with the authoritarian / neocon crackdown. Now in 2004, they are afraid to stray from the base which has been eating up the stuff. So they’ll continue to hammer the base issues and present the more moderate voices at the high profile convention.

Can they afford to write off those that don’t take well to the Rovian heavy heel Bush has gotten used to using? I guess we’ll find out.

Posted by James at July 19, 2004 5:20 AM
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