July 23, 2004

Howdy, DNC

The DNC is coming to town.

In fact, I had a few moments with a friendly DNC-er this evening. I told her about this weblog, so if she and her fellow Kerry-supporters are visiting, I’d like to say “Howdy.” Welcome to the blog, feel free to leave comments, or send me an email (I left you my email address, but you can also use the email form here) I wish you luck canvasing the swing states.

My nascent “TrimShrub.com” site, which might also interest you, is where I’m keeping my anti-Bush and pro-Kerry banners. Feel free to steal those banners.

And, in case you need a laugh, here’s something that you should see if you haven’t yet:a tribute to the Bush/Cheney Sloganator. (I can’t take credit for that one)

Friends, if you really want Bush out, support the DNC in its efforts. They need help.

Posted by James at July 23, 2004 12:50 AM
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