July 23, 2004

Shotgun Post -- The Post

Here you have it. My weekly link dump. Lots of fun to be had. Go have it.

  • Magical Trevor (Flash)
    • From the folks who brought you Badger, Badger. A cow in a press conference giving more cohereny answers than our president.
    • “Everyone loves Magical Trevor ‘cause the tricks that he does are ever so clever.”
  • Lord’s Song in a Strange Land (movie)
    • An interesting protest film about the news, terrorism, foreign policy… I haven’t watched the whole thing yet. However, someone spent a lot of time on it. Take a look. Check out, especially, the chapter “Why?”
  • Just F-ing Google It
    • A website used for telling people they should have done the search themselves. Add your search terms to the end of the link, and it passes the search onto Google. Example: click this link and you’ll see the message for 10 seconds before you’re redirected to a search of “Bush” and “Deserter.”
  • The Boiling Point
  • Ninja Jeapardy (Flash)
    • Wacky ninja fun.
  • The Daily Scribble
    • Yet more political cartoons. And no need for Flash. These are scribbled on lined paper.
  • Piano Balls Guy
    • This fellow plays the electric piano while juggling. The GOP could use someone with that skill to juggle their scandals. Hmm. Have we ever seen Karl Rove juggle?
  • Totally Gridbag (Flash)
    • This one is especially for Java programmers.If you’ve ever struggled with the GridBagLayout, this animation will be extremely familiar to you. One programmer expresses his frustration.
  • Inside Jack (Flash)
    • Another programmer-themed animation.
    • “And I got to thinking… what’s Sun going to do with 2 billion dollars?”
    • Notice, this is on Sun’s server.
  • SNL Transcripts
    • Thousands of transcripts of SNL skits. Really. Here’s The Continental with Christopher Walken.
  • Spamusement
    • According to the page: “Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!”
  • Make your own bottlecap tripod
    • For when you… er, need a tiny tripod.
  • Google, circa 1960
    • A parody of a search engine. Heh!
  • Escher Web Sketch (Java)
    • Make your own Escher-style tilings!
Posted by James at July 23, 2004 10:37 AM
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