July 31, 2004

Woonsocket Serial Murderer

Boston.com: R.I. man is serial killer, say officials

Shea said that in his 25 years on the force, “These are certainly the most horrific [crimes] we’ve ever had.”

Investigators believe that all three victims — Audrey L. Harris, 35, Christine C. Dumont, 42, and Stacie Goulet, 25 — went willingly with Mailhot to his first-floor apartment on Cato Street, said Woonsocket police Captain Luke H. Gallant. The apartment is less than 100 feet from Arnold Street, which local residents say has long been the center of the city’s flesh trade.

[…] Once inside Mailhot’s apartment, Gallant said, all three were strangled and then dismembered. Mailhot put the body parts in plastic garbage bags and threw them into “various commercial dumpsters in the Woonsocket area,” Gallant said.


An anonymous tip led police to one of the alleged assault victims, and that victim’s description of her attacker eventually led police to Mailhot, police said.

Friends and neighbors described Mailhot as a solitary, but not unfriendly person who was at times obsessively neat.

I think that many times information from the public could help police stop repeat-offense violent crime. If officials are correct, this time it did.

Posted by James at July 31, 2004 2:34 PM
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