August 12, 2004

Fair Play Is For Suckers

A photo in the Yale yearbook shows Bush in what appears to be the middle of both an illegal tackle and a punch to the face of another player. In fact, whomever wrote the caption specifically mentions Bush delivering a “gratifying” sucker punch. The full photo accompanied a story in the L.A. Times “He’s Got The Bad Boy Vote Sewed Up.”

So, we see at a fairly early age Bush exhibiting skills that help him to keep his conscience clear during dirty political campaigns. Fair play is for wusses and suckers. Bush is above that.

Mike pointed the photo out to me, and later I came upon the accompanying story through this post on Tom Tomorrow’s site. It seems there is no shortage of Bush photos which give us some insight into the man. Perhaps that’s why Mike has started “Bush Du Jour.” It is a growing collection of photos of the man. No commentary, just the photos. I’ll definitely be visiting there, and adding it to my weblog reader.

There is no way to prove what the caption describes. This could be a punch to the face, or it could merely be Bush illegally jumping off the ground to take this guy’s head off. I am skeptical about the punch, but the unsportsmanlike behavior is incontrovertible.

Posted by James at August 12, 2004 5:02 PM
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