August 13, 2004



Yesterday I heard someone in my office quoting someone else in my office. They used the word/phrase “shot-diddly-otgun.” Sometimes I think I am living in cray-diddly-azy world.

  • Build A Better Bush
    • Extreme makeover for Bush. Great fun.
    • “This November, we Americans pick our President, but until then, lets pick on our President. Use the pop-up menues to change Mr. Bush’s face”
  • Name Statistics
    • How popular is your name? Find out (if its in the top 30). According to this list, “James” is the most common name. But “Burke” isn’t even on the list.
  • Risus - The Anything RPG
    • It’s a free role playing system, meant to be good for assembling a quick RPG on the go (as in at conventions, or during late night beer-and-pretzel sessions)
  • Chris’ Compendium of Free RPGs
    • After finding Risus, I decided to look for more free and open source RPGs, and I stumbled upon Chris’ compendium. The list is pretty long. On it I found Stick Guy which looks fun and silly. Furthermore, Stick Guy is on another site devoted to RPG authors. It’s called IKM1KT.
  • Fahrenheit 2004 (Flash)
    • In the wake of JibJab’s famously famous election cartoon comes “Fahrenheit 2004” a similarly themed animation but pitting Bush against Michael Moore to the tune of “She’ll Be Comin’ Around the Mountain.” (Thanks Sara, for the link)
  • reflections (Game)
    • This is a nifty interactive game in which you use beam splitters, mirrors and such to divert a laser beam to hit light bulb targets.
  • A Murder Of Scarecrows (Game)
    • This is a unique and delightfully stylish game that looks a little like Edward Gorey drew the art. It’s simple but creepy-fun. Fling the seeds at the scarecrows to make them swing their arms and scare the crows away. If you fail, the birds will suck the life out of your scarecrows (their roots will disappear). (Found via Mike’s linkdump)
  • Mittens the Cute Kitty (Flash)
    • Mittens is a cute kitty of indeterminate gender in this crude, minimalist silent animation. He/she also needs better impulse control.
Posted by James at August 13, 2004 9:47 AM
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I had forgotten about Mittens! Now who doesn't like the smell of spicy brains?

Bush as Dressy Bessie--very satisfying.

I'm pleased to know that Bob, James, and Patti are all in the top 5 (3, 1, and 2, respectively). Normal names are still at the top!

Fan-diddly-tastic list this week, James!

Posted by: Patti M. at August 13, 2004 10:55 AM

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