August 14, 2004

More Than The President

It almost seems like a waste of time to give any more attention to the Swift Boat Liars For Bush, but Chris Matthews on Hardball shows he tear apart a piece of garbage when he smells it. Media Matters for America has a detail and some clips from a recent Hardball in which O’Neill lies about himself (claiming he’s not a Republican from Texas when he lives in Houston and has donated consistently and heavily to Republican candidates and voted in Republican primaries). He distorts and prevaricates about Kerry’s record but then ultimately is forced to admit courage on the part of Senator John Kerry.

Matthews concludes the program:

“Well, I’ve already heard enough that he’s [Kerry] done more than I ever did for my country and a lot more than anybody else … and more than the president.”

Posted by James at August 14, 2004 8:50 AM
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