August 26, 2004

UMass Dartmouth Red Trail Map

redTrailThumb.jpgWe walked the UMass Dartmouth Red Trail today in search of the “UMD 1” geocache. More about that later. This has allowed me to make rudimentary red trail maps. I’m making the maps available in case anyone interested can see where the red trail goes.

It’s a nice trail, well-marked and easy to follow. It starts out behind the football field at UMass Dartmouth and ends at the track below the power lines near Chase Road.

If you want to get to Chase Road from there, however, you’re faced with privately owned land marked “No Trespassing.” If you travel north along the power lines (there is a sort of trail underneath them) you will likely encounter mud and water where the trail dips. Parts of the trail are impassable to the north of the red trail end, but if you go off-trail you can find a secondary, less-beaten trail that is merely muddy rather than submerged.

I do not know what is to the south-southwest, following the power lines.

The best course of action is to turn around and backtrack to the trail head. “UMD 1” geocache is in the vicinity of this trail.

Posted by James at August 26, 2004 12:02 AM
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