September 14, 2004

Name That Movie 4


From what movie did I capture this image?

Posted by James at September 14, 2004 2:15 AM
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I know that charm bracelet is signifigant, but I can't recall the film offhand.

Posted by: David Grenier at September 14, 2004 8:14 AM

"They're always after me lucky charms!"

Is that one of the Austin Powers movies? The first one I think? Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery?

Posted by: Chuck S. at September 14, 2004 9:22 AM

LOL I think you are right, Chuck!

Posted by: Julie at September 14, 2004 10:44 AM

Yes, indeedy, Chuck.

They're always after me lucky charms! The politically incorrect irish henchman from the first Austin Powers movie. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

Good show!

Posted by: James at September 14, 2004 11:11 AM

Damn! I knew that one!

Posted by: Stef at September 15, 2004 3:05 PM

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