September 20, 2004

Food Nooz

McDonalds Loses Legal Fight Against MacNoodles

It warms my heart to see a big corporation lose a legal battle like this. Not because I don’t like corporations, but because I don’t like stupid lawsuits like this where there really doesn’t seem to be much infringement. Corporations rely on their symbols and trademarks, and they deserve to have them protected. But when they’re elevated to idol status any similarity to their trademark is blasphemy.

In other Food Nooz, have you read any Pringles lately?

Pringles Prints merges food with infotainment, further blurring the lines that define our world. Each chip has some little nugget of information printed on them. In one case “Trivial Pursuit” questions and answers are written in food coloring on the chip surface.

They’re taking suggestions. How about printing info about the same caliber as the food. Weekly World News stories. Ryan suggested the much more simple message “These will kill you.”

Posted by James at September 20, 2004 1:25 PM
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well, it's been more than proven that the majority of frivolous law suits come from corporations trying to maintain a hold on their businesses. Always remember that the next time you hear a media pundit talking about how bad frivolous lawsuits are for us, and remember who's paying them to say that.

Posted by: rui at September 21, 2004 2:01 PM

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