September 30, 2004

Kerry takes the First?

Last post tonight about the debates:

I’m seeing multiple places that people are giving Kerry strong marks for giving people a feeling of confidence. This is important. The president needs credibility.

We can all go through the details, but I think Kerry was the clear winner if only on one issue: Tim Russert looked like he was going to pop afterward. This debate got people’s attention. No real fireworks, no blood or death blows, but it’s given us something that people have craved, perhaps. The direct words of the candidates rather than surrogates. It’s caused excitement, and excitement is good for Kerry. Apathy is definitely the enemy. Bush and surrogates have been able to sow a feeling of apathy by muddying Kerry up as much as possible.

Maybe Bush’s bored/annoyed look is more than his personality. Maybe it is intentional. Discourage excitement. The excitement is working in Kerry’s flavor.

And the fact that he looked so confident, while Bush resorted to SNORTING helps a lot as well.

Now, I have to do something non-political to relax.

Posted by James at September 30, 2004 11:16 PM
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It was good.

Posted by: Julie at October 1, 2004 8:58 AM

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