October 15, 2004

This Is My Shotgun

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Those from whom I stole the links will have to excuse me; I can’t remember where they all came from this week. I know many of the usual suspects were involved. And a few came from Mike, for sure.

  • Al Gore, by Monkey Bowl (Song)
    • Funny song about Al Gore. iremember where I got this one. Bil.
  • Instant Mess (Short Film)
    • Great little short about our instant messaging culture. Kids today! Anyone remember old school (literally) PHONE on the VAX? Mike, you remember the fun of contacting other campuses for the first time, and the rude response we got?
  • National Maps Online (Maps)
    • Good source for maps of congressional districts.Look under “printable maps.” Lots of good stuff there.
  • Dad’s Home (Animation)
    • Obligatory weird Shotgun day Flash animation. Dad comes home and goes wild, Cat-in-the-Hat style. Everything is saved in the end by rocking hard.
  • VidLit (Animation)
    • Stories/Essays told with words and pictures. Like music videos for stories.
  • Bubbie vs. the GOP (Animation)
    • Bubbie will take care of the GOP.
  • Alpine Butterfly (Handy Knots)
    • Learn to tie the Alpine Butterfly. It’s easy, fun and it may come in handy someday.
    • It’s for making a stable, non-jamming loop in a rope without having access to the ends of the rope.
  • TheFreeDictionary.com (Reference)
    • Dictionary. Online. Different subjects.
  • Crazymofo.com’s List of Worst Movie Villains, with ratings (List)
  • Multi-Lingual Text-To-Speech (Audio)
    • Text-to-speech is always hours of fun. This site makes WAVs for you. Make a fun one and post it on your website.
Posted by James at October 15, 2004 11:16 AM
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Good shotgun this week! I particularly like "Dad's Home", mostly for the ending. It was inexplicable and so they didn't bother to try. I don't think any resolution could have explained why he went so ape-sh*t. Bubbie vs the GOP and Instant Mess were both top notch.

Posted by: briwei at October 15, 2004 6:31 PM

I love to bask in the glow and satisfaction of a job well done. Life is good when you can steal from the best.

I liked "Dad's Home" as well. If I can find somehting goofy and nonsensical like that every couple of weeks, I'm a happy camper.

Posted by: James at October 15, 2004 7:43 PM

Heh, PHONE. I still miss the social community of that campus wide VAX. And Chuck's awesome LOGIN program with its bazillion bells and whistles.

Our reward for discovering the internet in the library that evening was a kick in the pants and renegade status at the university. Years passed before I realized we should have been rewarded for our curiosity rather than being shot down.

That "Instant Mess" video may be a parody (or is it satire? Even after reading the definitions I still can't tell them apart) but I remember a few young couples sitting next to each other while communicating only by typing. I can't mock them too much because they were more advanced socially than I was at that age... :-)

Posted by: Mike at October 16, 2004 10:17 AM

That page is coming back "Page Not Found" for me. But if I have missed somehting that belongs in a shotgun post, by all means send a link along and I'll stick it in this week's installment. I'm always looking for such links.

Posted by: James at October 18, 2004 5:46 PM

let's try this again. It might have been down or something .


I just tried it, and it worked. It's footage of John Stewart on Crossfire. Great, Great stuff. And Might I add, about time.

Posted by: at October 19, 2004 1:13 PM

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