October 26, 2004

Catholics: Don't Fool Yourselves

Steve has a good post on G. W. Bush and the Catholic Church. My comments are in the extended entry.

I’m basically highlighting Steve’s post here. Read his for a more complete treatment. But:

  • G.W. is not pro-life by the Catholic Church’s definition.
  • While G.W. does not support federal funding for embryonic stem cell research (a big mistake in the eyes of we folk who think this research can lead to huge leaps in life-saving medical tech) his words and actions support the continuation of activities that those morally opposed to embryonic stem cell research would still object to.
  • Based on their statements, G.W. and Kerry have basically the same stance on gay marriage. Kerry just doesn’t want to alter the U.S. Constitution.

If your argument against voting Kerry is on moral, Catholic grounds, G.W. doesn’t cut it on these issues. You then are led to looking at the balance of the candidates, and where they will lead America. That is for everyone to decide in their own individual way. But the points Steve is making show that this election cannot be oversimplified to a moral battle where one agrees with the Catholic Church and the other does not.

Just don’t fool yourselves. That’s all I ask.

Posted by James at October 26, 2004 6:32 PM
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