October 29, 2004

U.S. Concludes Bin Laden Escaped

U.S. Concludes Bin Laden Escaped at Tora Bora Fight

That was back in 2002. Today, bin Laden is still running around. It’s probably John Kerry’s fault - right?

The Bush administration has concluded that Osama bin Laden was present during the battle for Tora Bora late last year and that failure to commit U.S. ground troops to hunt him was its gravest error in the war against al Qaeda, according to civilian and military officials with first-hand knowledge.

Intelligence officials have assembled what they believe to be decisive evidence, from contemporary and subsequent interrogations and intercepted communications, that bin Laden began the battle of Tora Bora inside the cave complex along Afghanistan’s mountainous eastern border. Though there remains a remote chance that he died there, the intelligence community is persuaded that bin Laden slipped away in the first 10 days of December.

After 9/11 we were treated to stories about how Clinton somehow allowed 9/11 to happen because he did not “get bin Laden when he could have.” Clinton has denied there was such a clear chance to get bin Laden.

Over time, we’ve heard Bushies use the Clinton canard on bin Laden less and less. Why is that? Because they understood somewhere within themselves that Bush is guilty of the mistake they pinned on Clinton, but to a higher degree. A Bush administration report proclaims it to be the truth. Decisive evidence bin Laden was at Tora Bora and escaped. The reason? We didn’t pursue him when we had the chance. We’ve known since 2002.

Bush was being truthful when he said he wasn’t that worried about the man responsible for the death of thousands of Americans. (Well, he was truthful about that before he lied about it in the debate).

Now, bin Laden has issued a new video message through Al Jazeera.

When you see bin Laden out and about, let it remind you of Bush’s incompetence as Commander in Chief. Bin Laden was cornered, and now he has had years to run free. Apparently, he is still running free.

When you see the army of Bush-mouthpieces spinning this as “bin Laden Campaigning against Kerry,” let it remind you of Bush’s incompetence as president and how he covers it up with outrageous distortions. Bin Laden does not sound like much of a fan of Kerry’s in this video, stating plainly that he believes neither Kerry nor Bush can make us secure. In this spin, Bush’s supporters truly seek to enlist bin Laden’s video in their campaign strategy.

Posted by James at October 29, 2004 5:20 PM
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