November 1, 2004


I’ll try to make this brief. I endorse Kerry for president.

The reasons are numerous and are written all through the history of this weblog. But, in brief, Bush is neither what he said he would be, nor is he competent to remain president.

In 2000, many of us felt lukewarm about the choices. I didn’t like Bush from the start, but I imagined that, were he to become president, things wouldn’t change much. He said he’d work with the Democrats — and people told me he’d done that in the past. He said he’d bring the country together after a divisive campaign.

Once elected, it was as if a switch had been thrown. Bush has not shown an ability nor an interest in compromise. And in the years since he was elected we have found out that his “uniter” spiel to be a load of rubbish. Bush saw the country unite itself in the face of a terrorist threat, but he viewed it as political capital to be spent in his pursuit of a wholly separate war in Iraq which had the added detriment of diverting American resources from the actual war on terror and bringing Osama bin Laden to justice.

This expensive endeavor has required running up huge deficits as Mr. Bush’s policies have not energized the economy. Worse, instead of paying for the war, Bush paid for a tax break so that our children will be left with a legacy just so Mr. Bush could satisfy part of his base.

This administration relies on secrecy to advance its agenda which is a worrisome precedent. In fact, people on both sides of the aisle should worry about the damage of bad precedents set in the fervor of a campaign where fear of a shadowy enemy is a centerpiece. This has been the pattern of numerous disastrous leaders.

I attribute many of Mr. Bush’s failings not to malice (although he reportedly has his vengeful streak) but to incompetence. Evidence of this is his “Hulk smash” foreign policy. The road to Baghdad was immediately followed by a floundering occupation that is dragging into a quagmire. Planning, support, peace, all seem to be inconveniences. Especially when they cause political flak at home.

The incompetent often are able to focus on one thing. For this administration, the one thing is politics. Politics win out over other considerations, and that is bad for America.

These are all reasons why Bush needs to go.

John Kerry has experience in the Senate which will allow him to work with the opposition party. Bush supporters would like to claim the moral, military and patriotic high grounds. They would like to paint the opposition as not on board for the war on terror and for protecting American interests. Kerry brings with him the entire opposition—people opposed not to America, but to this administration. The same people who support Bush now ought to continue to support American under a Kerry president. As we largely share the same values and Kerry has pledged to be strong on terror, presumably their patriotism will lead them to support a president Kerry as the country is one again more or less united. After four years of insinuating a Democratic lack of patriotism it would seem like an impossible “about face” for these people to withhold support for a Democratic president once the time comes.

Kerry has led bravely in the past. Kerry has a history of rooting out corruption, fighting drug trafficking, and gathering intelligence. The man has had hands-on work that is parallel to the information war on terrorism that George W. Bush can only dream of.

John Kerry has the competence, interest, and intelligence to lead our country. He will face opposition in congress, and perhaps that will stem the feast of spending upon which the current president has engorged himself.

Kerry for president because incompetence in the Oval Office is no longer a viable option. And incompetence should not be rewarded with a second term.

Posted by James at November 1, 2004 8:21 AM
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Gee, when you put it that way, suddenly I think Bush isn't a very good president, and should be fired.

I'm still entertaining a fantasy that Ralph Nader will pull out tonight, as a slap in the face to all the Republicans who helped get him on various state ballots. But I realize that I tend to get irrational under stress. :) Anyway, I don't think Nader is going to be a big factor tomorrow. I think the real factor will be CHEATING, same as in 2000.

Posted by: Julie at November 1, 2004 9:44 AM

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I need you to go out on a limb and tell me who you think will win (not who you want to win) so I can link back to it...

Do I really ask that much of you people?

Posted by: Steve at November 1, 2004 10:25 AM

I think Kerry will get the most votes, if people are able to cast their votes and if those votes are counted.

That's two big IFs.

I'm more concerned that there will be too much confusion in certain states (multiple Floridas) for any win to truly look clean.

Posted by: Julie at November 1, 2004 10:39 AM

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