November 14, 2004

Reflections of God

If god is a reflection of his followers (which is how I sometimes view him) there are times I say “Good show.”

Dear God,

Thank you for the little ones that you have trusted me. Please help me to keep them safe, help me keep them clean and free: Of violence, the filthy need of slaughter as a manly deed; Of cruel words, or thoughtless acts, or ignorant discrimination; Of living high by tearing down, belittling others’ Gods or nations; Of the mighty dollar’s bold subversion of sexuality into perversion. Let me teach them to withstand hypocrisy of my fellow man.

From The Village Gate: A letter on moral values.

It continues:

God, help me show them to accept that differences abound, whether gay or straight, boy or girl; white or yellow, black or brown. Help me teach them not to fear our difference, but to revere, the spirit in us, pure Sophia; nurturing the spark you place, finger of your gentle mind, ‘hind the poorest, beaten face. Help me show them all the good, and how to do the best they could.

Help them love the world they see; thanks again.

Did I mention I really like the Christians who run that site?

It occurs to me that if it feels bad to think your country is being pulled out from under you by misguided zealots, it probably feels worse if you think this is also the situation with your religion.

Posted by James at November 14, 2004 11:42 PM
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