November 29, 2004

Geocaching Coincidences

Thanksgiving was the usual, and everything came off well. Having learned to play “Pitch” the night before with my cousin Bob, we taught Maggie and my sister and had a 6-person game with the 2 couples. But we played cutthroat rather than partners. Next time, I think partners is in order.

On Friday, I had a fun, but odd day of geocaching with the girls.We made it to four neat locations. This campfire ring was at the old Children’s Museum in Dartmouth. Now it’s a YMCA. We found the cache there after a breakfast as Percy’s Place. (cache GCHPJM)

From there, we worked our way west to uncover some caches we’ve long overlooked. First, one at the Slocum River Reserve. A beautiful river I failed to get a picture of, but Mattie did notice this odd-looking tree.

Next it was the Allens Pond cache where i did take a nice shot of the ocean coastline.

When we got to the cache, the kids made some trades and Kit chose a small plastic frog. After reading the logs back at home I found out that the frog had been left by my buddy Chuck when he was visiting the area.

Our final cache of the day was a new Travel Bug Hotel in the area in an interesting little spot. It’s not the prettiest little spot, but it’s got an old railroad switch and some tracks that would have photographed well, but we were preoccupied.

Mattie actually found the cache this time, pretty much on her own. I am realizing the benefit of having curious people low to the ground with you on a hunt. She was tenacious and it payed off. As I often do, I was flipping through the previous logs and saw one from the day before that said “I think I might see Dr. M and the girls.”
That struck me as very odd, since it was written the day before, on Thanksgiving by a geocacher I was not really familiar with. Weirded out. Maybe they weren’t referring to me and there was another “Dr. M” out there. When I re-hid the cache, I noticed 2 police cruisers and a truck next to my car (the cache was only a few yards from the car.)

By the time we were done, the police cruisers had backed off. I never did find out what they were looking for, but one of the officers was peering out over the South Watuppa (see PDF map. We were about where the words “Rte. 6” are, near the end of the indicated rail line)

There was a woman in the truck, and as we were getting in the car, she said something to me. It turned out she was geocacher jana11d, the woman who had left the log yesterday. As a result of being scared away from the cache by muggles, she had forgotten to leave a travel bug there. Completing the weird coincidence, she returned the next day with her travel bug and ran into me and the girls for real.

Considering I had decided to go to that cache only minutes before we pulled into the parking lot, I found that very odd. This is the first time we’ve actually spoken to another geocacher on the trail.

Posted by James at November 29, 2004 8:52 AM
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