December 10, 2004

Paper CD Case

I know I’ve posted about Paper CD case origami in the past, but recently I went looking for more info on the subject, so I thought I’d blog what I found in case anyone else wanted the information and had trouble finding it.

What I’m talking about is the ability to take a sheet of regular 8 1/2 × 11 inch paper and folding it into a container for holding a CD or DVD. It’s fun, and the case can be very nice if done right. Here are some links to the info.

  • Paper CD Case.COM is the most elaborate place to fulfill your CD case needs. It’s a foldable CD case document generator. You fill out an online form and it will generate an Adobe Acrobat PDF file that can be folded into a CD case including the information about the CD on the case. It’s pretty spiffy. There’s even a way to search for albums to pre-load data into the form.
  • An American CD Case PDF is a document describing how to fold the CD case without having printed anything out in advance. It’s the same method as the one above, but without using a printer.
  • R&OS Paper CD Wallet - another online document generator. This one lets you choose fonts.
  • Double CD Case. This one’s neat, too. You can improve it with a little tape, or cutting a slit in the back to tuck one of the lower flaps into, but that’s not strictly origami.
  • Origami Envelopes and Letters. Why stop at CD cases? Fold your own envelopes. Be cool. Spruce up that note you were going to pass in class. Lend that extra bit of romantic excitement to that saccharine poem you were going to present to a loved one. Show the recipient of your death threat that you have enough time on your hands to fold paper, and therefore have enough time to be an effective stalker.
  • Origami Theme Page - notable because the author actually calls the Paper CD Case a “challenge.” It’s probably the easiest thing I’ve ever folded. I’m no origami master.
  • My spell-checker keeps telling me that “origami” is not a word and that what I really mean to type is “orgasm.” Stupid, libidinous software.
Posted by James at December 10, 2004 3:29 PM
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