January 10, 2005

Weird Monday

‘Twas an odd day. Below the fold, more details than you wanted to know about it. Brain dump.

The brakes in my car have been shot, which annoyed me because they’re only months old.

It doesn’t explain my bad mood, but it helps. See, I tried to get them fixed last week, but the Midas where I usually go is now out of business. And I didn’t go to any back up plan.

But today it occurred to me that A) there is a Midas just down the street from where I work and B) I am an idiot. As coincidence would have it, when I called at lunch time they said “bring her in right now!” It was a relief to get that taken care of. Amazing how these things wear on your mind.

It was 1.3 miles back to the office and I decided to jog back. In a leather jacket and stuff.


Sara, who I haven’t seen in over a week, happened to be driving down the road and saw me huffing and puffing (I’m slightly out of running shape lately, and the cold air made a mess of my lungs). I don’t look at drivers when I run, so she had to pull up next to me and beep before I even looked at her and noticed who she was. She took pity and drove me back to the office. She left after taking care of her business and catching up on office talk and telling me about Laura’s wedding, which sounded nice.

At the time, I hadn’t realized I’d stepped in dog poop. Literally, somewhere on my walk back. I just thought something in my office smelled bad. So half the conversation with Sara I’m thinking “What is that smell, and boy I hope Sara hasn’t smelled it because I can’t explain it.” It really bugged me. I thought perhaps it was the garbage, which never made it out the door with ‘S’ this morning. I think something is bothering S.

I overheard S telling my Boss that her birthday is approaching. Did she also say something about her mother dying on her birthday years ago? And that she felt partly responsible? Not sure I heard it right. It was one of those things that one tortures oneself over. She wasn’t responsible, it sounded like it was an accident where her mom was somewhere where she wouldn’t have been if not for S. And she died. Now she’s a wreck on her birthday every year. Boss, himself able to deal with real, terrible hardship, said he tried to forget days like that. Cindy pointed out that it was S’s birthday which makes it tough to forget. But one has to move forward. Easy for me to say, no?

Running Man

The Boss was in and out all day, between dental appointments and having his knee X-rayed. I guess I never told you this story. Boss was on his yearly Thanksgiving Day run and he caught his pant leg on the remnants of a metal sign pole that Dartmouth had thoughtfully left sticking out of the ground. SMACK - down he went, breaking his patella in twain. This man is unstoppable, for he ran the three miles home with a frickin’ broken kneecap. Yeah.

And just in case nobody believed it was broken, I got to see the X-rays today. The walk-in clinic doc gave them to him, and he had them for comparison. He’s healing nicely, if you must know, and is now allowed to run in shallow water.


About an 30 minutes after the boss left, I had my Eureka! (you reek-a) moment and went outside to clean my shoe. As I sprayed cleaner on my shoe, I saw many round slices of orange behind the bushes in front of the office. Leavings of the holiday season. Mulled wine.

I tried to bribe Sharon into driving me back to Midas. They’d called and said the car was ready. Dirt was getting into my brakes, causing them to jam and wear. Sharon dropped me off, but wouldn’t take any bribes of coffee or the like. I’d asked Jake if he wanted something from Dunkin’ Donuts, but he declined as well. For a moment, I thought the world had gone topsy-turvy. Was this really New England, or was it some alternate universe where all the students don’t drink coffee?

As I had not had lunch, I was looking for some excuse to get something to eat. I ended up, instead of DD, going to Stop & Shop to grab some oranges and noodles and such.


As I drove through the Stop & Shop lot, I saw Sara walking by my car, towards the store. I parked, and we walked in together. Weird coincidence.

The lines were long, even in the Express. Especially in the Express. But there was a very zealous bagger in my lane. She was maybe in her 20’s and wearing a blazer. Likely the checkout manager. One woman had bought a bunch of stuff and a 12 pack of soda. The woman wasn’t going to be able to carry all of it, so the manager ran to get a carriage and when there were none in the store actually scurried outside with the soda to find a carriage. She just ran zip, zip, zip with the soda 12 pack. It was actually quite amazing. The customer went off after her, so I don’t know what happened there.

When the manager returned, I was carrying my oranges and the noodles were in a bag. She made sure to ask me if I was OK with that arrangement (the checkout clerk had bagged the noodles for me.) I said it was fine.

Julie has the flu, and I called her on the way home to find out if she needed anything. I kept her from needed sleep, but I tried to be funny. Mostly, I think I brought up annoying news and very little of help to her in her current condition. I hope it turns out to be a mild, short-lived flu.

Back at my parents’ house, we had dinner. We talked about comedians, especially ones for whom no one could think of the name.

Now I’m looking at the frogs. They’re swimming around and around, unusually active tonight, swimming up to get air, swimming down, floating in between. Playing frog tag.


Posted by James at January 10, 2005 9:31 PM
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When we had goldfish I would often find that long bizarre days would end with me staring into their tank watching them swim gracefully about.

Posted by: Chuck S. at January 11, 2005 9:28 AM

Wow, you went to bet at 9:30? I'm pleased to see that.

Yow, poor Patella Man! I, personally, would have hailed a cab, but then again, I wouldn't have been out jogging in the first place, so...

Posted by: Patti M. at January 11, 2005 9:33 AM

"9:30" actually is when I started writing the "Weird Monday" post, not when I finished it.

That took a while, because I was just sitting here thinking about the day.

THEN I prepared the pictures for the Name That Movie. For that, I have to watch the movie, take screenshots, process the screenshots with Photoshop and upload them.

Then I watched the first 2 hours of this season's 24, which I had on tape.

I'll leave it to you to guess when I actually went to bed.

Posted by: James at January 11, 2005 10:16 AM

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