February 6, 2005

Congrats Pats

Congratulations New England Patriots on your 3rd world championship in 4 years. Eagles: you played a good game.

Local Fox affiliates: you all suck eggs. What happened to the “American Dad” episode you were supposed to air after the game? You preempted it because you thought I’d want to watch other people celebrating?

Posted by James at February 6, 2005 9:53 AM
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it was on at 12:30...quite funny, not great. but i'll give it a chance. go deion!!!

Posted by: ryan at February 7, 2005 1:01 AM

They could have announced it more prominently. I saw promos for it being "right after the game" and "right after the Simpsons" and I also saw promos for the post-game show, but no word about when they were going to air what it was preempting.

That would have been helpful. A little bit.

Posted by: James at February 7, 2005 8:07 AM

Yes, congrats. Now for the fall-out.

I will be surrounded by the dregs of humanity and their screaming spawn as they all squeeze onto the Commuter Rail tomorrow. If the last two years are predictors, I will be treated to:

* screaming children
* parents who let their kids walk all over the seats with muddy shoes (the same seats we business people sit on in our work clothes)
* rowdy, loudmouth fans who have no sense of how to comport themselves
* drunken idiots who think the're cool, sneaking alcoholic beverages onto the train like they're 15, even though they're all 40+
* the same drunken fans making comments, both sexual and abusive, towards others riding home after a long day of work
* the smell of vomit


Posted by: Patti M. at February 7, 2005 9:36 AM

Yeah, I was pretty pissed about the preemtion of American Dad by Fox64 to show the "Lincoln Park post-game wrap up (plus tons of commercials!)"

The thing that I don't understand is this: who is the target market for a post-superbowl wrapup? Anyone interested in such a thing would have watched the game, thereby making the wrapup superflous.

I mean, I can understand regular season stuff where you are killing time between games or after a game but before "Who Want's To Marry A Zombie" or whatever, and I understand the need for highlight reels during the regular season cuz maybe you didn't catch the game or whatever.

But the fucking superbowl? C'mon.

Posted by: David Grenier at February 7, 2005 12:52 PM

My sentiments exactly. After a big win, I expect the local stations to celebrate foe a bit. Maybe 15 minutes of post-game to remind people of the highlights. Nobody's watching at that point, they're probably talking about the game. Or drinking.

But as the post-game keeps going and going it starts to become TV sports masturbation. Come on, do I really need to hear the owner's son interviewed? Do I need to know he had lunch with Rupert Murdoch?


Posted by: James at February 7, 2005 2:57 PM

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