March 7, 2005

Cache Maintenance Visit

Back in February before I got the flu, the kids and I made a visit to GCM0P0, the Somerset Offset geocache. Yes, it was a slightly overdue maintenance visit, but the blizzard snow had made the prospect of wandering around less than appealing. By Feb 20th, the snow had subsided to a level that was quite easily traversed.

I retrieved the cache while the kids cavorted nearby. It was exactly where I’d left it, but someone had cached in and trashed out the beer can. When I’d initially hidden it, there was a beer can in front of the hiding spot. True to form, geocachers had kept the area relatively clean.

Cache Logbook and $2I took the cache to a comfy location, opened it up and photographed the contents. Apparently, someone has left a little pot in my geocache! Thank goodness it’s the legal kind.

The logbook was in good shape (donated by Maggie, it’s made from the “burn book” that came with the Mean Girls DVD.) I made a photographic record of all the comments and signed entries in the book. Some folks go through the logbook and compare the signed entries to the entries on the website. I may check that later. It’s been fun to see the handwritten comments.

Signing a geocache logbook is a variable experience. Sometimes you’re in such a secluded location you can take your time. Other times you’re afraid you’ll be spotted and you scrawl something as quickly as possible. I like to draw a little picture along with my signature. Lately it’s been a sloppy Bill The Cat. Ack! In the few seconds people take to sign, it’s fun to see what they want to record. Mostly, people comment on how much they like the location, how easy or difficult the find was, and whether/what was left in the cache.

I replaced the cache and gathered up the kids. It was early in the morning and there was practically nobody about. For February, that’s not unusual. But as the year progresses through spring and into summer, this area will be crawling with Muggles.

Prospective geocachers, this is the time to go hunting for it. :) Of course, there have been 3 snowstorms in the time since I checked on the cache! But that won’t stop the most intrepid cache hunters.

Posted by James at March 7, 2005 8:14 AM
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