March 26, 2005


As the Pagan Rabbit season is upon us, it seems appropriate to post (very) briefly abotu Marshmallow Peeps. Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun with these spongy sugared treats. I love the things. Used to be they were only available for the eastertide season. But now they have versions for every holiday.

But the only true form is the peep.

The texture is where most of the allure comes from. You bite into one of these and the spongy yielding gooeyness is surrounded by a crusty granular texture experience unlike any other consumable. At the same time, you get a burst of sugar that sends insulin pouring into your blood stream.

Yes, we love the peeps.

So I considered doing some stress-testing on peeps, or whatever, but someone else has done the hard work for me.

For example, it turns out that peeps aren’t soluble in water and a number of other solvents. No, you have to resort to organic solvent phenol before seeing serious solubility.

If you’re interested in other peepsperiments, check out the Peep Research site.

Posted by James at March 26, 2005 1:03 PM
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Peeps do float though, as Patti found out at dinner on Saturday. We went to the West Side Lounge in Cambridge and they had Peeptinis on the menu. Don't really remember what went in it (it was coconut/vanilla based I think)but it was garnished with a Peep!

Peeps are best when stale! Poke a hole in the package and wait a few weeks. Mmmm... crunchewy goodness!

Posted by: B.O.B.(bob) at March 28, 2005 8:29 AM

Man, that peeptini was good. Creme de cacao, cream, something else, and vodka. Delish!

After it had been nibbled a bit, my peep began to list, so I ate it. I felt kind of bad biting it like that, but it had to be done.

Posted by: Patti M. at March 28, 2005 8:35 AM

I can't find a recipe for peeptini on the 'net. There are a few mentions, but no ingredients. Also not in Webtender.

Posted by: James at March 28, 2005 9:40 AM

'Tis a pity as it was quite yummy. Sweet, though. If I'd had more than one, I'd have gone into diabetic shock.

Posted by: Patti M. at March 28, 2005 9:41 AM

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