June 3, 2005

Automated Shotgun

This is my first Shotgun post generated by a script given to me by Mike. Thanks, Mike, for making this a lot easier!

Hat tip to Bob McC for at least a couple of the links below.

  • Kitchen Myths (food, reference, science)
    • Debunking kitchen myths. I agree, for the most part. Although the fridge does smell better when you've got baking soda in there. Even though charcoal is better.
  • POOM! (flash, fun, game)
    • It's a flash game of bouncing balls and platforms with holes. Try it, it;'s annoying as hell.
  • Pint Lock (funny, gadgets, wtf)
    • Ben and Jerry's offers this combination lock. For your pint of ice cream. I kid you not.
  • Quick Verbal Tactics (howto, language, writing, social)
    • Sometimes the key to better relationships is better communication. You can view it as a tactic, or just good people skills.
  • Overcoming workflow paralysis (gtd, lifehacks, productivity)
    • I need to learn how to do this.
  • Rhode Island Novelty (shopping, toys, fun)
    • "Your Home For Novelties, Jokes, Party Supplies and Toys" Source of cheap stuff for party favors or just goofing around. And they're local! No shipping needed.
  • Lucy in the Sky with Shatner (fun, funny, music, video)
    • Take a psychedelic journey to nowhere in particular in this haunting animation featuring the stoned vocal stylings of William Shatner. Some animator breathes new life into a classic.
  • FACEANALYZER (fun, graphics)
    • An automated online tool that (supposedly) analyzes a picture of your face and tells you… something about yourself.
  • The Sith Sense (fun, flash, games, movies, starwars)
    • Darth Vader challenges you to a game of 20 Questions.
  • Vicki Cobb's Home Page (science, education, kids, fun)
    • Ms. Cobb wrote a book about optical and other illusions, which i never read, but the idea of the book fascinated me when I saw it in the bookstore. Now she has a website.
  • Visible Human Browser (science, java, health)
    • Amazing set of cryogenic slices served up to you by Java applet. Look inside the human body, slice by slice.
  • Ignoranus, Foreploy, Caterpallor and Osteoprnosis (words, humor, funny, blog/entry)
    • Neologisms ostensibly from the "Washington Post's Mensa Invitational"
  • Seven Minutes In Deadwood (funny, language, tv, mp3, wtf)
    • If you take out all the clean language in an episode of Deadwood, you're left with 7 minutes of profanity. These are those 7 minutes, distilled out. From the first season episode which features Mr. Wu. NSFW!
  • Hymn-Project (audio, music, utilities)
    • The hymn project provides software to allow you to use your iTunes-purchased music outside of iTunes without loss of quality.
  • MyCatHatesYou dot com (funny, photos, animals)
    • Pictures of cats. And they're all dissing you.
  • Top 75 Network Security Tools (computers, free, security, software)
    • Big honkin' list of software that can help you secure your computers.
  • Catapult Watch (weird, gadgets, shopping)
    • It's the watch you can use to alarm OTHER people.
  • The Brain Freeze (food, science, funny)
    • It's a site dedicated to explaining brain freeze (specifically the Slurpee variety). Know the dangers of summer, and be prepared! Watch the amusing video.
Posted by James at June 3, 2005 12:35 AM
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Good shotgun this week. I particularly enjoyed Kitchen Myths, QVT, and Lucy in the Sky. That was some weird stuff. I also took the personality test at QVT. I'm an IDsc with a "Lazy Z" profile.

Posted by: briwei at June 3, 2005 4:47 PM

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