July 5, 2005

Newport Black Ships Festival


That’s the plan. And you’re invited.

The 22nd Annual Black Ships Festival is coming to Newport: July 14-17, 2005

Read on for more details.

On the 17th, a Sunday, they host a more family-friendly version of their taiko drums festival. It’s here on the calendar of events. This year it’s being held at Noon at “Cardine’s Field.” When we went a few years ago it was at the armory. We were able to spread out a blanket, eat a picnic lunch and enjoy the drums.

If you’re interested, why not pack a lunch and come along and join us for some fun? Let me know that you’re interested and we’ll figure out how people are going to meet us. Watch this space, and I’ll be posting more information soon, like direction to Cardine’s field and anything else I can get out of the events office when I get a chance to call them.

C’mon - when do you get a chance to see real taiko drums performed in person?


Posted by James at July 5, 2005 8:51 AM
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