July 8, 2005

So much for "Fighting them there"

Islamic extremists have been using Iraq as a planning center for attacks around the world since losing Afghanistan as their base in 2001, the government’s chief spokesman said Friday.
Speaking about Thursday’s blasts in London that killed more than 50 people, Laith Kubba said “we don’t know exactly who carried out these acts but it is clear that these networks used to be in Afghanistan and now they work in Iraq.”

I’m not sure how accurate we can consider this opinion. But it appears to be the opinion of the Iraqi government that Iraq is now a planning ground for international terrorist attacks.

I remember having an argument with my father who claimed that Saddam had terrorist training camps in his portion of Iraq (part of the justification for the war, at the time). It turned out that there is little or no evidence that Saddam was training terrorists or had any such camps. Well, according to Iraqi officials, in the wake of Saddam we’ve got a terrorist breeding ground in Iraq.

Come to your own conclusions.

Maybe once we’d thought we’d driven al Qaida out of Afghanistan we should have focused more energy on continuing to disrupt the terrorist network instead of bombing Iraq back to the “terrorist training camp” age.

Posted by James at July 8, 2005 11:50 PM
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