July 9, 2005

Burnt Orange Carrot Hair

Snapple BottleDOn’t get me wrong. I love Snapple products in general. It’s just that I haven’t been drinking much of them lately.

You see, I have all but given up on sugar-containing drinks. This happened even before I was introduced to Coke Zero. I knew that cutting out sweet drinks was a fairly easy way to cut bunches of calories from my diet. Exceptions (which I keep to a minimum) include

  • tonic water for G&Ts (I haven’t found a tolerable diet tonic — yet)
  • occasional glass of orange juice (once/week or so)
  • occasional Coke Evil (C2 once/week or so) before I discovered Coke Zero
  • occasional skim milk in coffee (almost negligible, actually)
  • beer can be considered a sugary drink, to some extent. It contains sugar, but most of its calories actually come from alcohol. I don’t drink all that much beer, really.
  • one hard apple cider/week or so.

Other caloric drinks include anything with alcohol. These I consume in portions that are not significant to my diet.

That might seem like a lot of exceptions, but days and days go by without me drinking a sugary drink. And one soda is a diabetic bombshell, ready to send your little islets of Langerhans into overdrive. Okay, no lecturing. I used to drink a number of sugary drinks per day.

Back to the Snapple. I was in the market with M, looking for a diet drink I could use to wash down my dinner that was NOT a hamburger and fries (it was blueberries, bread and low cal cold cuts) and I found the pictured “diet (sic) Snapple Orange Carrot.” Ten calories per serving. Great! I like carrots and oranges. And I like only 10 calories.

When I got out to the car, M requested “Polyester Bride” on the CD player and I took a swig of my “diet Snapple”


The aroma was decent enough. Orange and carrot, exactly as advertised. But somehow, on that first swig, the more apparent flavor was burnt hair! Not just burnt hair, it was a flavor that almost evoked the smell of the harsh chemical process of getting a permanent. I used to hate that smell when my Mom got her hair permed at home.

Anyhow… augh! That’s some nasty off-flavor.

Funny thing is, over the course of 2 days, I’ve drunk most of the bottle. I keep being amazed that it really tasted like burnt hair, refusing to believe it and going back for another try.

Sometimes I can’t explain my own behavior.

Posted by James at July 9, 2005 12:03 AM
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I've never tried any of the diet Snapple drinks, but I don't drink the non-diet ones anymore. Sames goes for similar brands. I guess my tastes changed at some point and they all taste like I'm drinking a jar of corn syrup (which I guess I am, but it didn't used to taste that way.)

Posted by: Jim at July 9, 2005 10:01 AM

I still like them (I think I do, at least) but, yes. You're drinking a jar with a good deal of corn syrup.

A can of soda is 12 ounces. This used to be considered 2 servings. Of course, to McDonalds, they have a different name for 2 full servings of sugary drink: "child size" (i.e. smaller than a "small")

12 ounces of a Snapple tea will net you about 150 calories, all in high-glycemic-index sugar.

By contrast, 12 ounces of good old Coca Cola is only around 110-120 calories. Still, a decent sugar rush.

If you really want to spike your insulin, though, suck down a premium soda like IBC Cream Soda (Chuck's sweet, sweet favorite). 12 ounces of that baby is a whopping 180 calories. Drink 2 of those and you might have well eaten a medium McDonald's french fries.

One IBC Cream Soda is the caloric equivalent of 36 large (15g) "baby cut carrots" -- six servings of carrots.

And this is a good example of why sodas were making me fatter. 12 ounces of soda doesn't make you feel any more full than 12 ounces of water. But try eating 6 servings of carrots and you'll feel plenty full.

Of course, if you love IBC Cream Soda, you can certainly find ways to make allowances for having it once in a while. My personal weakness is in salty-fatty foods like chips and french fries. Unfortunately, they're about as bad as that IBC soda and so even once a week is pushing it. Same with ice cream. If you're really counting calories it becomes only a special occasion food. And even then you have to exercise portion control.

I knew a guy who had no problem eating ice cream twice in one day. He also claimed that all the weight he'd gained around his gut after he got married was "muscle weight" (he was serious). Some people's delusions run deep.

Posted by: James at July 9, 2005 10:47 AM

We just got Super Size Me from Netflix. I was tired last night so have only watched about the first 1/3 so far.

BTW, walking my dog every day (since we got her in March) has reduced the muscle weight around my gut :-)

Posted by: Jim at July 9, 2005 11:01 AM

You have to keep vigilant about that gut muscle weight! Good job.

Side effect of eating less junk: my dental hygenist remarked that she had less work to do at my 6 month cleaning today.

Posted by: James at July 9, 2005 12:14 PM

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