July 10, 2005

Cardinal Encourages Catholics to Embrace Ignorance

Leading Cardinal Redefines Church’s View on Evolution

An influential cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church, which has long been regarded as an ally of the theory of evolution, is now suggesting that belief in evolution as accepted by science today may be incompatible with Catholic faith.


Darwinian evolution is the foundation of modern biology. While researchers may debate details of how the mechanism of evolution plays out, there is no credible scientific challenge to the underlying theory.

Next up, belief in gravity will get you excommunicated. The moon is made of green cheese and the Earth is at the center of the Solar System.

I suppose this will pressure the Vatican to clarify its official opinion. So, what iwll they do? Tell Catholic scientists that they have to adopt Intelligent Design, otherwise they are in conflict with the Church?

Posted by James at July 10, 2005 8:38 PM
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