July 16, 2005

Horse-Killing Literature

Regular, Saturday stuff. This blog has been dead-boring lately, so here’s some pretty freaking exciting stuff.

Of Mice and Misdemeanors

I had to return a computer mouse to WalMart today and some fellow at the customer service desk was upset because he left the window open in his Explorer and he turned his back for a few minutes. Oops, where’d that new microwave oven go? Where’d that new vacuum cleaner go? So, listen kids: no matter how hot it gets, leaving your window open in the car just encourages theft! That’s my public service announcement for the day.

Also at WalMart: the new Harry Potter book. Many of them. Enough of them to kill a small equine were you to drop an entire pallet of them on the unfortunate beast. If it were a large equine, you’d probably end up having to shoot it yourself afterward. So, go with the small one. (Please, no angry letters — no actual horses were injured in the crafting of this post.)

Chuck over at Unbecoming Levity has his first audio content up, covering his late-night visit to Barnes & Noble. OK, so it’s not very exciting stuff, but he did get a book out of it. Oh, wait, he didn’t get a book. Never mind. (Chuck, I kid because I love. At least you’ve been posting a few times a day.)

Chuck, if you really want that Harry Potter book, it appears there are plenty available today.

Did you know that:

In some jurisdictions, those who are convicted of a misdeameanor are known as misdemeanants.

It’s true; I read it on Wikipedia.


I saw Dark Water the other night. (Dark Water IMDB entry). My quick take: Most depressing horror film ever. The fear you feel will be for people who have horrible living conditions because they can only afford a crappy apartment in the city after their marriage falls apart. Seriously, this movie is, in reality, not about ghosts or anything, but rather about being displaced, cast off, and struggling with less. As the middle class continues to disappear, expect more films like this one.

The movie is scary, but the ghostly aspect is actually the least scary aspect.

I also rented Darkness. (Darkness on IMDB)

Lena Olin? You should be in better films. So should you, Anna Paquin, I think. But Lena Olin definitely. Unfortunately, this is not one of those better films.

A family is haunted by some crazy-ass past involving a cult of some sort, or a prophecy which required the killing of children to open a gateway to hell. Now the ghosts want the father of the family because he was the only child who escaped the last time the crazies tried to fulfill the prophecy. Sound promising? It has possibilities, but I guarantee that the dreams you have when you fall asleep from watching this will be better.

Help me out, filmmakers. If Dark Water isn’t a summer blockbuster, it’s no big deal. Jennifer Connelly can afford a few movies that aren’t smashes. Her acting is top notch in Dark Water, you can believe she’s in trouble, believe that she had a horrible childhood and believe that she’s about to go out of her mind. The moment she loses it, though, is a little over the top. Just a little. Jennifer Connelly isn’t swinging for the box office fences, she seems to be more trying to exactly hit that spot between the fielders. Mixing acting and baseball metaphors, not good.

On the other hand, don’t do this to Lena Olin, who isn’t in much nowadays (except “Alias”) and Anna Paquin who we thought was probably the best thing about X-Men. Well, at least the thing they ruined the least.

Plans and Management

Off to a pool party and then Sara and Jake’s bash. And floppy hat night is just coming over the horizon. If work weren’t so crazy, I’d be a thrilled summer enjoyer. But I’ve been out of my gourd with anxiety over our horrible schedule this summer.

Let me explain something about management. Impossible goals and the sword of Damoclese are not motivating. Challenging goals and a plan for the future are very motivating.

I can babble like this all day, but I’m already late for social engagements. And the girls want to hop in the pool.

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