July 30, 2005

New "Stupid Missile" Sighted in Westport, MA

or, the new summer blockbuster, “The Severely Developmentally-Challenged Four.”

You’ve heard of smart missiles. What do you call a car filled with drunk 30-somethings, driven by a completely sloshed 33-year-old woman going 60 mph in a 20 zone down near the beach?

A really stupid situation.

A Fall River woman faces multiple charges after she slammed her speeding car into three parked cars Friday evening at East Beach.

[…] The impact shoved one of the vehicles sideways approximately 20 feet. One of the parked cars contained four children and two adults but no injuries were reported.

Sgt. Majewski said Ms. Lacombe (whose identification was complicated by the fact that she possessed three different Social Security numbers), tried to drive her 1994 Nissan away after striking a third car.

Pure freaking genius. It’s a miracle none of those kids in the parked cars were hurt. That turn is a common place to park. The satellite picture shows how sharp it is. Right at the elbow there is the parking area for the Allens Pond Audubon sanctuary to the northeast. 2nd street, to the north is where Bill and Jeanne Kilkenny used to live, years ago, when we were all going to S.M.U.

I guess it’s not a bad idea to remember to be careful, parking at night at the end of a sharp turn like that, because you never know when some complete idiots will be coming down the road.

Posted by James at July 30, 2005 4:19 PM
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