August 2, 2005

Our President Likes To Believe

If you want any chance of understanding how our president thinks — hey, you might as well. We’re going down the toilet and you’re along for the ride — you must read this article on the Carpetbagger Report: What Rafael Palmeiro and intelligent-design creationism have in common

As Kevin Drum put it, “It’s like listening to a small child. He doesn’t want to believe it, so it isn’t true.” It’s annoying when he applies the standard to a baseball player, but it’s tragic when Bush applies this to everything.

How does someone get by on this planet with that sort of worldview? In case you didn’t catch it: evidence apparently carries no weight with George W. Bush. Faith trumps it, and not just religious faith. Faith as in “that’s just what I believe because I decided to.”

Posted by James at August 2, 2005 11:34 PM
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