September 14, 2005

A Fatal Incuriosity

Greg passed along two articles worthy of attention.

How Bush Blew it (Newsweek) chronicles the failure of Bush (and other levels of government), but puts its finger on a larger problem of Bush and his administration. It's a problem, incidentally, that his critics have raised time and again mostly to deaf ears.

A Fatal Incuriosity By Maureen Dowd sums it up thusly:

W. has said he prefers to get his information straight up from aides, rather than filtered through newspapers or newscasts. But he surrounds himself with weak sisters who don't have the nerve to break bad news to him, or ideologues with agendas that require warping reality or chuckleheaded cronies like Brownie.

The president should stop haunting New Orleans, looking for that bullhorn moment. It's too late.

Posted by James at September 14, 2005 7:50 AM
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