September 26, 2005



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This weekend we had Chuck, Patty and Julie over.

It was a good time, including much gaming and discussion. Chuck has the details over on his blog, complete with the rude name we imposed on our bastardized version of Thirty-One. Apparently, those folks Chuck used to hang with at “the guild” (A meeting place of collectible card game enthusiasts) had a penchant for rude, nonsensical phrases.

In any case, dinner was meatloaf, cooked in a Bundt pan. Bundt pans help a loaf cook more evenly. Lots of bacon makes it delicious. Unfortunately, it looked like a big bacon-covered doughnut. The aroma, on the other hand, is strikingly mouth-watering.

Chuck said it was the best he’d ever had, but that was soon after telling me he’d never liked meatloaf. Thanks… I think. Maggie tells me that my mother’s meatloaf is better. Hey, it was a first try.

Earlier in the day we escaped a corn maze with the help of mad geek skills. That is, we mapped the intersections of the maze with a graph of nodes. This method does not lead you to the exit, but it prevents you from backtracking so that you can avoid re-covering ground you’ve already covered.

Some people will just mark the maze with the same symbol over and over again to prevent backtracking. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t tell you when you’ve hit a loop. It also doesn’t let you know when you’ve exhausted an entire corner of a maze.

We’d gotten all the way to the letter “T” before stumbling on the exit.

I should have brought the GPS. OK - that’s cheating.

Back to dinner, we had also roasted some veggies that Julie brought along. I highly recomment meatloaf and grilled veggies.

Things learned:

  • Women love thundersticks. Makes a great gift. Get the “pro” version. With the attachments.
  • Chuck thinks a black hole is more delicious than Britney Spears.
  • If I don’t make a big deal over the number of cards I’ve won in “Apples to Apples” I’m accused of hiding my lead. Somehow, people would rather see me flaunt them.
  • You can prevent people from complaining about the quality of their cards in “Apples to Apples” if you add a rule that allows them to turn all their cards in when they are a judge. With the elimination of this complaining, the game is about 50% more fun.
  • Mallomars contain crack.
  • “But masters, remember that I am an ass, though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass.”
  • Julie doesn’t like the Newport Vineyard cider.
  • Chuck doesn’t realize that when Julie and I say “cider” we mean “hard cider.”
  • “Hey, this cider tastes like beer!” - Chuck.
  • James’ rendition of “New York, New York” has gone downhill since he’s been overtaxing his voice. Lately, my singing voice is crap.
  • Patty is a discerning Apples to Apples player. So say I.
  • Of Maggie and myself, one of us is irritating and the other is annoying. But I can never remember which is which.

Posted by James at September 26, 2005 12:08 PM
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I appreciate the enormously huge link. I think your link is bigger than my whole article. ;-)

We had fun, and your bundtloaf was delicious, definitely moreso than black holes or Britney Spears.

Though I don't really like meatloaf, I'm glad I got to try yours, it was quite tasty.

How's your headache? I think I've got a sinus infection coming on. Feeling a little... swimmy.

Posted by: Chuck S. at September 26, 2005 12:26 PM

My headache is at bay today. Pretty bad yesterday. These cluster headaches tend to show up in the afternoon. I can feel it lingering there, waiting. But that doesn't mean for certain that it will blossom.

What it does mean is that I had better not get off my schedule eating, so I'd better find some lunch.

Posted by: James at September 26, 2005 12:31 PM

Bacon on my meatloaf from now on, man.


Posted by: Julie at September 26, 2005 12:34 PM

Mmmmmm. Mallomars.

AFAIK there is a sister cookie to the Mallomar called the "Pinwheel" but I can't find evidence of it anywhere. I remember eating them once when I was a kid. Mmmm.

They are not to be confused with the cookbook variety pinwheel cookie, which is simply two flavors of dough twirled together and baked.

Posted by: Chuck S. at September 26, 2005 12:36 PM

Site says they're "somewhat seasonal" and available during the colder weather.

Posted by: James at September 26, 2005 12:51 PM

This is my favorite meatloaf

It's turkey since Patti doesn't eat red meat but it's awesome. Very moist without the bacon. The prep work is a pain unless you do everything in a food processor.

BTW Thundersticks (or at least hand mixers) ARE awesome. I have a Braun that's great when I want to whip a sauce or mix up a soup while it's still on the stove. Also great when whipping small amount of cream or egg whites when you don't want to clean your large professional mixer.

You confused me with Thundersticks, I thought you meant those annoying inflateable noismakers they hand out at sporting events. I think they're actually spelled Thunderstix but I'm too lazy to look it up.

Posted by: B.O.B. (bob) at September 26, 2005 12:57 PM

Now I am craving a bacon-covered donut.

Posted by: Julie at September 26, 2005 2:47 PM

Reminds me of an Eek the cat (goofy saturday morning cartoon a few years back) that had an Elvis-like cat character who ate "chili donuts".

Posted by: B.O.B. (bob) at September 26, 2005 4:20 PM

I personally prefer ground turkey to ground beef these days. Not sure when or how it happened. I just know that it did. I gave up red meat as well, so it is good that I like the turkey. And I never ate bacon. So, your meat loaf frightens me. :)

Posted by: briwei at September 26, 2005 5:18 PM

Sorry. But it was very good.

Could probably be modified to use turkey, but I daresay it will suffer unless you can play up the turkey somehow with different spices. More sage, maybe. And rosemary. Less worcestershire.

Maybe add smoked flavor.

It will also suffer without the bacon, but that goes without saying. Maggie thinks the bacon was overkill. I say "what's wrong with overkill?"

Posted by: James at September 26, 2005 5:23 PM

BTW, regarding FIGA, apparently the use of the phrase is more widespread than you might think... try googling for the phrase in quotes. You'll be surprised.

Hey how come you didn't actually mention the phrase here? Being number one in goat diapering hitting a little too close to home? Hmmmmmm?


Posted by: Chuck S. at September 26, 2005 6:18 PM

Since you asked:

I didn't mention it because I think the phrase does not deserve my promotion.

Sometimes a phrase just strikes you a certain way, and that one just strikes me as dumb. It is more fun to make fun of the phrase than it is to hear someone say it. Trying to treat it as literal, for example.

If you'd come up with it, and if there were a good story behind it it might have been funny. But there is no good Chuck story behind it.

You could go places with it. For instance, grammatically it used "goat" as an adjective. I'm not sure what the adjective is supposed to mean, but there you have it.

Maybe it's a superlative. "That's a really goat car you have."

In any case, 197 hits on Google doesn't make me feel any better about it.

"Goat diapering" is not only funnier, it was more or less accidental.

And that's the rest of the story. I'll let you be the king of "FITGA."

Posted by: James at September 26, 2005 7:13 PM

I suppose you could do turkey with turkey bacon, but I don't see the point. I think this is one of those things that is best done in red meat. I've had to go in different directions with turkey loaf. Teriyaki seems to work well, for instance.

Posted by: briwei at September 27, 2005 11:53 AM

I know what I would do with turkey loaf. (I suggested this to Julie). Basically increase the bread until it is a hybrid stuffing/turkey loaf.

Thanksgiving loaf.

Posted by: James at September 27, 2005 12:01 PM

Mix the stuffing in last, though, and leave it chunky.

Posted by: James at September 27, 2005 12:02 PM

Worstershire sauce works quite well in ground turkey and Louis Rich makes one of the 2 edible turkey bacons. I forget who makes the other, it's harder to find.

I think my bundt pan will be getting a workout shortly and I wonder how many veggies I can hide in this donut.

Posted by: Judy at September 28, 2005 1:27 AM

Again the turkey meatloaf recipe I linked in my first post is awesome. You made me want it so much I went ahead and made it last night. Yum.

Posted by: B.O.B. (bob) at September 28, 2005 8:18 AM

Any here who haven't had BOB's cooking can take it from me. BOB knows awesome. So does Patti.

Curiously, the two "Bobs" in my cellphone contacts are both excellent cooks.

Posted by: James at September 28, 2005 8:53 AM

I made a meatloaf last night with buffalo, italian breadcrumbs, onions, egg, milk, and W. sauce.

It was yucky. I think Italian breadcrumbs were the wrong way to go.

Posted by: Julie at September 28, 2005 9:13 AM

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