November 10, 2005

Robertson's Warning for Dover

If I were to notify my readers every time Pat Robertson said something stupid, my fingers would heat up so quickly from all the typing that they would burst into flame and melt my keyboard.

However, once in a while, it’s worth some fun. And this is a 2-birds-with-1-stone post because as Thirdmate mentioned in the comments of the previous entry, there were victories against anti-science as well as defeats.

On today’s broadcast of “The 700 Club,” Robertson told Dover residents, “If there is a disaster in your area, don’t turn to God.” The founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network explained, “You just voted God out of your city.”

Why didn’t they tell us in Sunday school that it was possible to vote God out of a city?

Well, look out folks. Because now that God has been evicted from Dover, he must be wandering around looking for a place to live. While I have sympathy for the homeless, I’m not sure this is a guy you want in your city. The way Robertson describes him, he’s a vindictive son-of-a-bitch. (Hat tip to The Plank)

Additional links: laments that the Incoherent Design supporters were Republicans. What can I tell you?

Will the Kansas board face a similar revolution to Dover’s? We can hope so. I’m sure there are plenty of Kansans that don’t want their schools to be the laughing stocks of the nation. However, when you hear things like this incredible spin:

But conservatives are betting that the new standards, which don’t “ban” evolution, but critique the theory, won’t provoke the same reaction.

“What actually did happen was so innocuous,” said Judy Smith, Kansas director of Concerned Women for America, which supported the new standards. “It just allows for academic freedom for teachers, instead of dogma in science.”

…you realize that without the ridicule it simply will not sink in that Kansas Science™ is dug in and that sensible Kansans will be stuck in the dark ages without some help.

“I sure hope so. I hope that we elect a school board that has some notion of what science is.”— Walt Hull, blacksmith, Lawrence

We’re pulling for you, Walt. Best of luck.

And, to finish off this thought for now:

Senate Democrats pressed the Republican majority yesterday to complete a thorough investigation of the Bush administration’s handling of prewar intelligence, including alleged White House efforts to silence critics.

According to the Kansas Board of Education, the investigation into scandal in the White House is science, and Patrick Fitzgerald is a scientist! It’s not just science (say it with me, now) it’s Kansas Science™ can-I-get-an-amen.

Posted by James at November 10, 2005 2:50 PM
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I hate to mix science, religion, and politics, but I happen to think that Paddy Fitz is a *god.*

Oh, and amen.

Posted by: Julie at November 10, 2005 3:50 PM


What title do scientists go by? Most of the big ones have PhDs and get to be called doctor. Should all Kansas Scientists get that title?

Posted by: briwei at November 10, 2005 6:11 PM

(Kansas Science Phool-Degree.)

Wow, how sad for us all that we even need to discuss this one.

Pat R. is, and has been, a MAJOR public "phool" for SOOOooooo long, it seems absurd to even see his name on the major internet news sites this evening (found it on at&t just after it was here).
They should all know better by now!!!!

Oooh. But then again, they post info about Brad & Liza, so.... (no, no, no... not "Brad & Liza" ...didn't mean to start any rumoooors. THIS is about science.)

Good luck to us all with THIS stuff leading headlines!

Posted by: TCR at November 10, 2005 9:37 PM

Oh, and by the way - here is what AT&T had to say about the PR-insaniac:

"...Later Thursday, Robertson issued a statement saying he was simply trying to point out that 'our spiritual actions have consequences.'
'God is tolerant and loving, but we can't keep sticking our finger in his eye forever,' Robertson said.
(NICE image, eh?!)
'If they have future problems in Dover, I recommend they call on Charles Darwin. Maybe he can help them.'
Robertson made headlines this summer when he called on his daily show for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
In October 2003, he suggested that the State Department be blown up with a nuclear device. He has also said that feminism encourages women to 'kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.'

Nice job PR, digging one's own grave, "on earth, as it is in heaven."

Can't we ALL do better than to allow THIS kind of Bullsh*^ to pervade our major news headlines?!!!?




Posted by: TCR at November 10, 2005 10:08 PM

When, oh when, will God call Robertson home?

Posted by: Patti M. at November 11, 2005 9:03 AM

Pat's going to live forever. God doesn't want him.

Posted by: briwei at November 11, 2005 2:37 PM

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