November 19, 2005


In case some Bush drone again says to you that everybody had the same intelligence on Iraq:

It was enormously telling, in fact, that the only part of the Senate which did see the un-sanitized National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq—the Republican-led Senate Select Intelligence Committee—shockingly voted in the fall of 2002 against the simple authorization of force demanded by a Republican President. Panicked, the warmongers in the White House and Pentagon pressured CIA Director George Tenet to rush release to the entire Hill a very short “summary” of the careful NIE, which made Hussein seem incalculably more dangerous than the whole report indicated.

Read “The Big Lie Technique” in The Nation.

I haven’t had many intelligent Republicans (or conservatives I respect) try to tell me that congress had the same intelligence on Iraq that the White house had. Aside from some places online, I’ve chiefly heard it from national knee-jerk Bush-supporter mouth-frothing radio pundits. And from their lesser brethren, like a rabid local “stifle dissent” show host, who actually told a caller he knew “absolutely nothing” when he tried to correct the record on who had what intelligence.

I’m sure an apology or retraction is coming any minute now.

So, have you heard anyone insisting that the president didn’t manipulate intelligence? Or that the congress had the same information that the president did?

How do they explain this? Shuck and jive: “You’re not a patriot. You’re helping the terrorists.”

It’s amazing that “not helping the terrorists” involves swallowing so many lies.

Posted by James at November 19, 2005 1:05 PM
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And throwing away so many lives.

Posted by: briwei at November 21, 2005 12:12 PM

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