January 20, 2006

Poodle Grooming Shotgun

Some people drink Pepsi /
Some people drink Coke /
The wacky morning deejay /
Says democracy’s a joke
  • Comfort Eagle Lyrics (Cake) (music, audio, lyrics)
    • Nothing especially shotgunworthy here, I just love this song and its lyrics. So I thought I’d share. If you haven’t heard Cake’s work before, it’s worth a listen.
  • The Morning News - The Non-Expert: IKEA, by Matthew Baldwin (humor, shopping, writing, wtf)
    • How to survive the treacherous world of IKEA: a player’s guide to the real-life adventure.
  • Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot… stabilized (gif, video, weird, animation, wtf, skeptic, cryptozoology)
    • This is an animated gif version of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot folm from 1967. Some creative fellow has processed the frames of the film to completely stabilize them. You get a much more clear view of “bigfoot.” A guy in a suit? You decide.
  • zipdecode | ben fry (utilities, visualization, map, government)
    • Interactively identifies an area by zipcode, as you type the zipcode. Use the zoom feature for best effect. I didn’t know that Zoom’s “02134” zip code was actually in Allston.
  • Sledgeweb’s Lost … Stuff | Season Two (lost, video, tv, reference)
    • Investigations of weird things hidden in episodes of “Lost.” If you cared whether Walt appears on the side of a milk carton or if you want to see all the freeze frames of what Eko saw in the black smoke, this is your place to go.
  • CAT - Calendar for TV. (tv, torrent, bittorrent, reference, calendar, video)
    • Want to keep track of when a new episode of your favorite show is coming out? So do people who download them off BitTorrent. To that end, someone’s put up a helpful calendar that lets you know when a show is airing “fresh” stuff.
Posted by James at January 20, 2006 2:45 PM
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I found that out about 02134 last year when we were talking about zip codes here at work. We were at the NOAA website trying to get a weather forecast for Boston because someone was going to a Red Sox game. He asked, "somebody give me a Boston zip code." Two of us said at the same time, "02134!" and looked at each other and did a double-take. ;-) Not only were we silly, we were wrong!

IKEA Walkthrough/FAQ: Extremely funny!! I see he stumbled upon my secret for quickly coaxing IKEA employees out of their hiding places: Use one of their computers. ;-)

Posted by: Julie at January 20, 2006 3:58 PM

IKEA walkthrough - ha! No IKEA furniture is put together with a nail.

Posted by: Maggie at January 20, 2006 9:00 PM

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