February 3, 2006

Pre-Stupor-Bowl Shotgun

All I know about football is that it involves eating snacks. That’s all I need to know.

Posted by James at February 3, 2006 2:12 AM
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Spin made my brain explode. Thank you very much.

Posted by: Bob McCown at February 3, 2006 9:00 AM

Ohmygod. "Brokeback to the Future" was great!

Chocolatecity Films (is that Ray Nagin's new new name for New Orleans? I sincerely hope not (but I do like chocolate cake).

Posted by: Patti M. at February 3, 2006 11:38 AM

Yes - that was a particularly funny mashup.

Posted by: James at February 3, 2006 12:11 PM

Both of the movie trailers were excellent! And Spin definitely filled the WTF quotient.

I'll have to play with Last.fm and see if I like it better than pandora. It's an interesting angle as I frequently have wished I could tweak the parameters in pandora in some way other than saying I like/dislike a song.

Posted by: briwei at February 4, 2006 1:29 PM

I haven't come to a conclusion about Last.fm yet. Still playing with it. I saw an interesting article comparing the two technologies -- I'll have to dig that up and post about it.

I still love Pandora, btw. It really has introduced us to some excellent music, including Ronnie Earl, a Boston jazz musician with a ton of bluesy soul to offer.

Posted by: James at February 4, 2006 2:00 PM

Coolness. I think we need to set up some controlled scientific experiments and probe the strengths and weaknesses of both technologies. I think they both have merit.

Posted by: briwei at February 4, 2006 8:12 PM

Great reading, keep up the great posts.
Peace, JiggaDigga

Posted by: JiggaDigga at April 7, 2006 1:00 PM

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