February 24, 2006

Existential Shotgun

This week’s shotgun post is an odd mix, with some news thrown in at the end. Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend. I’ll likely be working.

  • THEY'RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD! (lotr, mashup, music, video, humor)
    • Legolas sings for you in this jaunty music video.
  • Time (art, images, photography, weird)
    • Snapshots of a family as they grow older year by year. Interesting to see the gradual changes.
  • Guess Which Movie (entertainment, film, movies, photo, quiz, trivia, game)
    • It’s “Name That Movie” but with fewer pictures and multiple choice. Many rounds. I’ve only played through the first round, but it should be easy for you folks - veterans of “Name That Movie.”
  • defective yeti: Games For Kids (games, kids)
    • Recommendations for good games that kids can enjoy. From defective yeti!
  • EvokeTV (tv, entertainment, video)
    • EvokeTV helps you track what’s on, so you can catch only the good stuff. Also - while you’re watching a show, it creates a chat room for other watchers to discuss the show! It’s the best online TV resource I’ve seen yet.
  • The Huge Entity: Reasons Why ‘You’ Don’t Exist… (philosophy, humor)
    • These people will tell you why you don’t exist. Essays to make your brain hurt.
  • Compfused.com - Painted Room Illusions (illusion, art)
    • Patterns that look like nonsense from all but one vantage point. Stand in the right spot, and it all comes together.
  • 'LOST' Notebook for ABC’s LOST (entertainment, tv, reference, lost)
    • "Notebook" of info about the LOST universe.
  • PistolWimp - Star Wars: Bloopers and Outtakes (video, film, funny)
    • Some bloopers from teh Star Wars films.


Posted by James at February 24, 2006 9:42 AM
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The painted room illusions are amazing! It's hard enough just painting a straight stripe. (For me.) I also enjoyed the NTM rip-off ;-) and the Star Wars thingy.

Posted by: Maggie at February 24, 2006 9:36 PM

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