April 10, 2006

Select Strings

celloI haven’t mentioned it in the past, so I thought I would do it now.

K is learning to play the cello. Because of hard work on her part, she has made it into “Select Strings” group, which are the top students in string instruments at her grade level. This amazes me, because she’s doing both piano, cello and has a pretty decent amount of 5th grade homework which must get done. Maggie is run ragged making sure their homework gets done and taking them to piano and cello and skating and other less fun appointments.

In an case, K has been able to keep this up for now, and even though she doesn’t like to practice, she does work on her cello. Nobody has told us she has any special predisposition to cello, although she has her own unique way of thinking about it (as she has about everything.) At the Christmas time select strings concert, she was chosen to solo “Jingle Bells” backwards because, for some reason, it’s not much more difficult to her brain, processing it backwards vs. forwards.

Tuesday night we have another select strings concert at 7PM in the “Inn” at Clifton, on Wilbur ave in Somerset. It’s an assisted living facility, and the folks there are always an appreciative audience for the kids. But the room will probably be 50% proud parents.

I hope she continues to enjoy the cello, even as her studies become more taxing. Middle school, we’ve been told, comes with an increased level of homework!

Posted by James at April 10, 2006 12:22 PM
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Congrats! I was pumped when Will got to audition for the honors concert, and got in (he plays viola in the orchestra, and fiddle for fun). Will is now in 7th grade, and still playing, but homework and Boy Scouts are cutting into music time.

Posted by: Bob McCown at April 10, 2006 3:44 PM

This is fantastic news!

I played cello from 2nd grade through college -- it can be a wonderful creative outlet ... I really feel it helps with intellectual development. Sometimes when I'm sitting at home reading municipal budgets -- I crave playing the cello ... really unlocks the mind~!

I hope we can all hear her some time! What a wonderful family you have!!!

Posted by: Keri at April 10, 2006 9:56 PM

Hooray for K!

Posted by: Chuck S. at April 11, 2006 1:31 PM

Wow! That is great news! Congrats to K on this achievement. As long as she is deriving fun from it and putting in the work, she can ride it a long way. And I think it's pretty neat that she played Jingl Bells backwards. I can see where that wouldn't have given her trouble but might give it to others. Let us know when her CD comes out. ;-)

Posted by: briwei at April 14, 2006 1:07 AM

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