April 12, 2006

LNG Developments: Rallies and Sleaze

I have so much I want to blog lately, and no time in which to blog it in. Work is, literally, eating my life. I have to find a balance soon! Sincere apologies to you, my loyal readers. All, what, 5 of you? I am keeping track and will post the stuff in time. Right now, two stories about a local problem, but possible interest to people beyond the SouthCoast. The second story is going to grind your gears if you care at all about Massachusetts and who from other states should be messing with what goes on here.

Kerry LNG Rally

Keri announced on her show on Monday that John Kerry is going to come to Fall River on April 24th for a rally against the Weavers Cove LNG facility. Reportedly, they’re going to close the street down. Kerry will first visit the Iwo Jima replica memorial in Bicentennial Park, and then it’s on to Weavers Cove. (On the right is a picture I took of that replica a few months ago while looking for a micro geocache in the area. I didn’t find it, dammit!)

The rally is supposed to be at 11:30, and it’s on a Monday. I don’t know if I can swing it with work, but it should really send a message that people are serious about not wanting to site this thing in Fall River. If you oppose LNG in this residential area, and you’re available at that time, try to be there!

Keri - if you read this, is there an address where the rally is going to be? Is it 1 New Street just off North Main?

SouthCoast MA is not OK

Kerry and Kennedy halt move to tear down Fall River bridge

Another story from the tireless Keri:

Oklahoma Republican Senator James Inhofe tried to place language into a heating assistance bill that would have reversed part of a federal transportation bill preserving [Brightman Street] bridge.

Let me clarify. Our representatives and senators fought to keep the old bridge because the feds were unresponsive in stopping the siting of this LNG terminal. The old bridge is an obstacle to the plan, though Weavers Cove LNG claims they can work around it. The Coast Guard is concerned that their plan is not workable in its current state, because the bridge and the shape of the river present a number of challenges to LNG tankers.

Suddenly, an OK Republican introduces funding to pay for having the bridge torn down. Why would a senator from across the country care about a bridge in Fall River? These LNG people have friends in lots of places and strings they can pull. My guess is, these friends are well-compensated.

Who is this Senator Jim Inhofe? Fun Facts!

  • one of the most conservative members of either house of Congress
  • strongly opposes abortion
  • critic of gay rights
  • thinks that shock over Abu Ghraib abuses is more offensive than the abuses themselves
  • calls Red Cross “a bleeding heart”
  • believes US policy toward Israel should be completely based on the Bible, and that the 9/11 attacks were divine retribution for not already having done so
  • believes Christians are compelled to bring all societies under Christian rule - this theocratic position is called “dominionism”
  • insulted federal workers who were the target of the Oklahoma City bombing, on the day of the bombing

If I had more time, I’d dig deeper. But you get the idea.

Why is this guy dipping his filthy toes into the Taunton River?

And, to the people who have said that the Brightman St. Bridge is not an obstacle to the project: apparently someone disagrees with that sentiment enough to call in some high level favors.

This is despicable. Luckily, Jim Inhofe’s attempt at helping big energy site a dangerous facility in a residential area far from his constituency was given the smackdown by Kennedy and Kerry. But this ought to give you an idea of what the SouthCoast has been up against here.

(In other LNG news: State Sen. Joan Menard, D-Fall River, was named co-chairwoman of the recently formed liquefied natural gas commission at the group’s first meeting in Boston Tuesday. Fall River state Rep. Robert Correia was chosen as the commission’s president.)

Posted by James at April 12, 2006 1:47 AM
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Scary the hijinks our government gets up to.

Incidentally, sleaze has an "a" in it.

Even more incidentally, you've given me the subject of my next stream.

Posted by: Chuck S. at April 12, 2006 10:07 AM

Thanks, Chuck. The danger of posting at almost 2AM, for me, is that both grammar and spelling become a challenge.

This is one reason I usually refrain from posting after an extra-long day of work, but this seemed particularly worthy of note.

I always enjoy your streams! Looking forward to it.

Posted by: James at April 12, 2006 11:15 AM

WSAR is reporting that, indeed, Hess hired a lobbyist to lobby Inhofe for his support. Feigned surprise!

Posted by: James at April 12, 2006 3:34 PM

Tearing down the Brightman Street Bridge would also scuttle my fantasy proposal for LRT or BRT between Fall River and Providence. The chief obstacle would be the river. Brightman Street Bridge provides an ideal crossing. LRT/BRT would run from Providence, through East Providence, then run in the median of 195. Then it would run through Swansea to the Brightman Street Bridge and down the coast to the proposed commuter rail stop at Battleship Cove. Without the Brightman Street Bridge there's no good way across the river.

Posted by: woneffe at April 12, 2006 7:01 PM

Glad to see Menard and Correia are going to be involved at the highest levels of the commission. I like Correia, and not just because I was friends with his son in High School nor the fact that he stealthily picked up a dinner tab when a bunch of us high schoolers were out one evening and he happened to be in the same restaraunt and saw us. How's that for a run-on?

Posted by: briwei at April 14, 2006 1:24 AM

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