April 16, 2006

Deep in the Heart, N1

So, I’m in Texas. (And, obviously, the hotel has wifi.)

The trip was without complication. SH picked me up from the house and we drove out to T.F. Green. There was still a lot to plan and discuss, so we did some of that at the gate and on the planes.

The first leg of the trip was in First Class. We’d been upgraded. First class means more leg room and in-flight booze. SH and I both ordered Jack and Cokes (seemed like the thing to do). The flight attendant brought cans of Coke and 3 little bottles of Jack Daniels for each of us. I made SH take a picture because it was a bizarre sight — as if we were ready to host a party for the whole of First class. I stashed two of my bottles. Drinking on planes is OK in moderation, but I’d rather have 2 feet on the ground when I’m tossing back cocktails.

For the second leg we were back in coach. Not too bad, because we were in the exit aisle. Better for SH than for myself. We boarded fairly early, and we were sitting in the aisle seats — one of us on either side. Stephen had two skinny girls sit next to him, which is great for keeping your own personal space. Two huge guys sat on my side of the row.

I don’t hog the armrest. In fact, I tend to just give up the armrest and stick my arm down next to the arm rest so that I have a buffer. The fellow next to me was so broad that he just ate up that space with his arms. Oh well. I can’t complain too much — he was at least polite about it. So, a decent set of flights.

We took a taxi to the hotel, and it was pretty late when we got in, but we wanted to grab a bite to eat and maybe a beer. And then talk about tomorrow’s presentation. The woman behind the desk was not that helpful at first in finding us a place to eat, and SH was giving her a hard time about how there weren’t any open restaurants. But it was just before 10PM on Easter Sunday. We probably ought not to have expected much.

The woman at the desk rose to the occasion and found Chinese food for us. Off to our rooms to meet back up for Chinese and talk about the day that was to come. No beer, however, as this area is a dry area.

Stash of Jack Daniels to the rescue.

We didn’t last long though. I’m exhausted and ready to sleep. So here I go. Seeing Texas from the inside of a hotel room and the inside of my eyelids.

G’night folks.


  • For some reason it’s earlier in the day over here. Someone should really look into that. There has to be a scientific explanation.
  • The soda machine only takes change. Not dollars.
  • The HBO is on the teevee. And I just got to see the end of Constantine while I’m getting ready for bed. But the sound is about 1/4 second behind the picture.
  • People have been very friendly so far.
  • Me tired.
Posted by James at April 16, 2006 9:16 PM
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During my brief but horrifying stint as a B2B telemarketer*, Texans were by far the pleasantest people I spoke to. (For consumer telemarketing, old people are the pleasantest to speak to, though not necessarily the most profitable for selling childrens' books.)

*As opposed to a consumer telemarketer. B2B telemarketing means calling businesses offering business services, such as advertising. Consumer telemarketing means calling people while they are eating their dinner to offer them crap they don't need.

Posted by: Julie at April 17, 2006 9:13 AM

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