April 21, 2006

Decider Shotgun

NappingLittle Miss GOP
Sat on our country
Voting the neocon way.
Then came a divider
Who said “I’m the decider”
And squandered our futures away.

  • tea.pdf : Royal Society of Chemistry (food, drink, tea, howto)
    • For goodness sake, learn how to brew and enjoy a decent cup of tea. It’s civilized.
  • 1.0 Will Kill You (programming, software, development, lifehacks, article)
    • Software geek stuff. Useful advice about why version 1.0 of your software will kill you.
  • Rands In Repose: What To Do When You’re Screwed (software, development, productivity, lifehacks, article)
    • Advice for software engineering managers. Fascinating advice, actually. Skip this if you’re not a software geek.
  • Ice Block Smashing Guy (flash, game, fun)
    • CLick at the right time and smash through the blocks!
  • Triumph- Earth to America - Google Video (video, funny, politics, humor)
    • Triumph interviews four “prominent obscure Republican congressmen” on global climate change. Republican senators are my favorite… to poop on!
  • YouTube - India Driving (video, india, society)
    • If you think driving in Boston is bad, you should try to drive in India. This video shows that it’s chaos.
  • I’m The Decider (music, parody, politics, bush)
    • Parody of “I am the Walrus” featuring everyone’s favorite deciderer.
  • Carmac’s Condition (flash, music, wtf, funny)
    • It’s a weird little music video made from a snippet of the horribly bad DOOM movie starring The Rock. Created by a kid in nearby Assonet, I’m pretty sure. Support local weirdness!
  • flagrantdisregard.com Flickr Toys (photography, images, tools, toys, graphics)
    • These Flickr toys let you do goofy stuff with anybody’s online photos.

Warning of the day: Don’t try to rhyme anything with “Columbia.”

Calories and Weight

Posted by James at April 21, 2006 8:14 AM
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Boy, do I feel bad for the ice block smashing guy. He's taken quite a beating today thanks to my incompetence. :)

Posted by: Julie at April 21, 2006 12:17 PM

I finally got him through all the blocks.

Posted by: James at April 21, 2006 10:30 PM

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