August 4, 2006

Ouch, That Hurt

It was a night of surprises (mostly bad) at McCoy Stadium.

After 4 innings, the PawSox were scoreless to the Syracuse’s 3 runs. But back-to-back home runs in the 5th put them on the board. Another run in the 6th tied the game and I thought “This is the most exciting PawSox games I’ve seen in a while.” (My previous two outings were pitcher’s duels, and the PawSox lost those matches.)

Nothing in the 7th inning, but in the 8th everything went “pear-shaped.” Syracuse loaded the bases and had no outs, when we started allowing guys to come home on walks! Six runs were scored while the crowed watched in horror.

And that wasn’t the extent of the punishment. The stands began to empty into the parking lot in the 9th inning which looked an awful lot like the 7th inning at the start. Walks, runs, and they’d stopped selling Dell’s Frozen Lemonade by this time, so there was no relief in sight. I half expected them to re-open the beer concession so that fans could drown their sorrows. It was about this point when my daughter K insisted that the PawSox allow her to pitch, or at least to bat. It couldn’t have hurt, I’m sure.

But the PawSox held the hemorrhaging at 3 additional runs in the 9th. On second though, that’s not holding the hemorrhaging, that’s a trip to the bloodletter’s.

In any case, the PawSox didn’t make up the 9 needed runs in the 9th and the game mercifully came to an end. There was no traffic leaving McCoy because the vase majority of people had already left.

Still, we had fun yelling for a comeback with 1 out left in the 9th.

Posted by James at August 4, 2006 8:04 AM
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