August 11, 2006

You Can't Have Terrorism Without Terror


According to Brittanica:

Systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective.

The terrorists can’t generate their “general climate of fear” without help.

But Bush’s Republicans hoped the raid would yield political gains.

“I’d rather be talking about this than all of the other things that Congress hasn’t done well,” one Republican congressional aide told AFP on condition of anonymity because of possible reprisals.

“Weeks before September 11th, this is going to play big,” said another White House official, who also spoke on condition of not being named, adding that some Democratic candidates won’t “look as appealing” under the circumstances.

zefrank puts it better than I do. (video contains explicit language)

And I just plain resent Bush’s arguments like:

“It is a mistake to believe there is no threat to the United States of America,”

Who the hell is out there saying there is no threat from terrorism?

They say “make hay while the Sun shines.” Our president’s Sun is “islamo-fascism.” And whenever he gets enough hay together, he builds a strawman out of it.

Posted by James at August 11, 2006 9:34 AM
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Today's Boston Globe has two short articles about the latest terrorism threats and I thought they were insightful.

Posted by: Mike at August 11, 2006 10:48 AM

It's not even clear to me why they would think this makes them look good, or Democrats look bad.

I haven't, in fact, been worrying much about terrorism in the last 5 years (or the last >30 years before that, for that matter). But if I had, then come election time, perhaps I would look back over the last 5 years and say to myself, "what have the last 5 years had in common, governmentally speaking?"

Posted by: Julie at August 11, 2006 12:40 PM

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