August 18, 2006

Weensy Shotgun

Short this week. It's been a busy week!
  1. Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown - Google Video

    Wow, they really want Charlie Brown dead. Not necessarily safe for work.

  2. The A - Z of Rock & Roll Sex Scandals on

    Chronicling the weirdness of rock. Not for the sexually squeamish.

  3. Karmasheetra

    Help in the bedroom

  4. Concert Ticket Generator

    Make your own gag concert ticket images.

  5. Extreme Dry Ice Bombs, 2 Close Calls

    Wow - here's a video of some kids playing with dry ice bombs. They don't get killed, but you'll be surprise that they survive to the end of the video.

  6. The Interweb Medley!!

    All the worst songs on the internet multiplied by each other.

And with that, we're off to kayak the mighty Taunton River. (Ok, just Broad Cove) Posted by James at August 18, 2006 9:22 AM
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Ah, that crazy Interweb!

I saw the two entries for "Bananaphone" but the best is still this one:

"Yeah sure, buddy, I'll get right on that."

"Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown" was a bit disturbing.

Posted by: Patti M. at August 18, 2006 10:37 AM

Weird assortment this work. Charlie Brown was definitely disturbing. And the medley was just odd.

Didn't get to see the dry ice bombs, but I remember a friend in college picking up a "dud" in spite of the rest of us warning him to keep back. It blew up in his hand. He was amazingly unharmed. I mean apart from his hand being swollen and pink.

Posted by: briwei at August 18, 2006 7:25 PM

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