August 22, 2006

Inhofe Watch - Iraq War Report Card

We know Senator Inhofe well around here in the SouthCoast. He’s the shill for the energy industry who tried to get our local bridge demolished.

In any case, he’s in the news again giving his opinion about Iraq.

According to the senator, the success in Iraq has been “nothing short of a miracle.” This proves that the senator is completely impervious to pernicious leftist propaganda regarding the death toll in Iraq, rising sectarian violence, political strife, a lack of a plan, and huge cost overruns. And a lack of adequate support for the veterans. Kudos to you, senator! The facts in Iraq have a distinct anti-administration bias, but don’t you fall for it.

The wit and wisdom of Inhofe extends to the UN peacekeepers, who, according to Inhofe, train girls to become prostitutes.

Inhofe defends the Alaskan “bridge to nowhere” pork barrel boondoggle. $320 million? I can think of no better way to spend that money, can you?

Inhofe is not without his softer side. He gets misty-eyed thinking back to the good old days; feeling “wistful for the Cold War.” Remember bach then? That was when we (America) supported the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan (called by Reagan “freedom fighters”) who eventually became the Taliban with more support from us for the purpose of opposing the Soviet Union. Yeah, I can see the nostalgia factor there. “Hey, remember when we helped fund the Taliban through Pakistan? And how they would later come back and bite us in the ass? Oh yeah, I miss those days. Good times, good times.”

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Posted by James at August 22, 2006 4:20 PM
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